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Explorer Camp 2.2 L System

Explorer Camp 2.2 L System

RapidPure is a best in class, game changing development in camping, backpack and emergency water filtration. Brand name water filters reduce bacteria and cysts, but if viruses are suspected, they specifically instruct you to treat filtered water with chemicals such as chlorine dioxide or iodine to make the water safe from viruses. RapidPure captures viruses that are too small for our competitors’ filters to capture.

The RapidPure filter acts both as a particulate filter and as an electroadsorbent filter. Depending on the laboratory test method the RapidPure media can be plugged with pure solutions of humic acid, bacteria or particulates to the point where water will no longer flow through the media under normal operating pressure of the device. RapidPure will also adsorb dissolved contaminants such as lead, cadmium, iron, certain forms of arsenic, zinc and others that pass through hollow fiber and other mechanical filters. In the real world no water stream is “pure”. All waters contain some mix of contamination that will eventually cause any filter to fail to reduce one contaminant or the other. This is why RapidPure has designed a family of filters to allow the user to select the best combination of filters for their particular application.

RapidPure UltraCeram is a totally different filtration technology than filtration that requires contaminants impact a small pore and be retained like hollow fiber or membrane filters. Our filters do not just capture contaminants that impinge UltraCeram. RapidPure’s UltraCeram electropositive media attracts and retains viruses, cysts and bacteria. Our electropositive fibrous media has high particle removal efficiency as well as 50 to 250 times greater dirt-holding capacity than the competitors. RapidPure filters are also infused with activated carbon and silver. Silver is a self sanitizing agent that kills bacteria, preventing growth of captured bacteria.

With UltraCeram, even if there is a “hole” or “pore” in the media that would seem big enough to let a virus or particle pass – it does not pass. There is an electropositive + charge to the RapidPure UltraCeram media that electrically attracts and bonds to viruses and particles. Water molecules have 10 protons and 10 electrons, so as a whole they are neutral and pass freely through the media. Viruses contain DNA or RNA which is negatively charged because of the phosphate ions that make up the chemical backbone. The positive charge of the UltraCeram attracts the viruses’ negative charge and holds them in place in the RapidPure UltraCeram media. With UltraCeram about half the atoms of the fiber are on the surface of the fiber itself. At the atomic level, unique things can occur. Based on the crystaline1 properties of the mineral pseudoboehmite2, AIO(OH) active fibers are 2 nanometers in diameter by 250 nanometers in length. The small size of the AIO(OH) fibers allows RapidPure technology to operate on the atomic level.

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