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Extreme Anodized 6 Pc Mess Kit

Extreme Anodized 6 Pc Mess Kit

Presented to the “best of the best”, this coveted award for innovative design was awarded by the Editors of Backpacker Magazine. Testing our product for hundreds of meals, the Editors we’re quoted as saying it’s “the best camp cookware we’ve ever used”.What is Hard Anodized Extreme? The Hard Anodization process alters & hardens the structure of the cookware surface, making it incredibly abrasion resistant Twice as hard as Stainless Steel combining the best attributes of a very hard surface treatment with the quick-even heat transfer of aluminum. The process seals the aluminum preventing any direct contact between the core & food. Hard Anodized Cookware allows heat to quickly & evenly spread across the bottom & up the sides of the pot making it one of the best cooking surfaces available. Easy cleaning Extreme Triple Coat Non-Stick interior!

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Price: $ 29.56

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