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MSR Flex 4 System

MSR Flex 4 System

The Flex 4 System is MSR’s highest capacity, full-featured cook system has everything you need to cook for groups of 4 or more, including insulated mugs and dishes. Best of all, the dishes and mugs nest within eachother to pack down small. You’ll feel like a wizard as you shrink your 13 piece cookware set into a single pot.

— Set includes (1) 3.2L Nonstick hard-anodized aluminum pot, (1) Dual-handle 5.3L hard-anodized aluminum pot, (2) Aluminum Strainer lids, (4) DeepDish(TM) plates, (4) Stainless Steel Insulated Mugs, (1) Talon(TM) pot handle
— Hard anodized aluminum pot is strong, light and conducts heat more evenly than titanium
— Durable, scratch resistant, and easy to clean
— Two pot lid doubles as a strainer and raised lip makes pouring water easy
— The smaller 3.2L pot features the foldable Talon(TM) Pot Handle a lightweight push-button design that locks on lids keeping pots secure during travel
— The larger 5.3 liter pot can use either the Talon(TM) Pot Handle or has two sturdy handles for carrying heavier meals
— 4 flexible polypropylene DeepDish(TM) plates are wide like a plate, but deep like a bowl for universal function
— 4 Insulated 12.5 oz. stainless steel mugs are non-leaching and have an insulated sleeve for easy handling and to remain quiet while nested in cooksets
— Efficient nesting design saves valuable pack room

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Price: $ 127.95

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