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MSR Windpro II Canister Camp Stove

MSR Windpro II Canister Camp Stove

The WindPro II camp stove combines the stability and wind protection of a remote-burner design with the convenience of canister fuel. Unlike other canister stoves the WindPro II is capable of running on liquid-feed direct from the canister. This added versatility lets you run the stove in traditional upright mode for optimal efficiency and flame control or, with a simple twist, invert the canister on the included stand to deliver liquid gas directly to the burner. This advantage allows greatly improved cold-weather and low-fuel performance, and boosts stove output significantly anytime speed really counts.* Inverted Liquid-Feed: Inverting canister allows stove to run on liquid fuel for increased cold-weather and low-fuel performance * Remote Burner: Added stability for use with large pots (up to 10″ diameter) and allow use for a windscreen * Compatible with bake ovens * Minimum Weight: 187g * Packed Weight: 292g * Made in: USA of American and Imported Materials

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Price: $ 99.95

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